Saturday, January 1, 2011

Falafel: Take 2!

Happy New Year Everyone!! :)

So tonight I attempted falafel again... This timeI did not make them from scratch this time, I picked up a mix from Giant Eagle.... The horrors of last time was going through my head as I made them. All I kept thinking was, please do not disintegrate this time, please don't!!!
So I made the mix... I made both pouches of mix, just in-case the first batch decided to melt away in the deep fryer... So I place 6 balls in the basket of the fryer and lower them down... So far so good... Then the window fogs up! :( Oh please do not fall apart! After two minutes I bring up the basket and they survived!! :) WOO HOO!!!!So we had falafel sandwiches and a chickpea salad tonight... Yes lots of chickpeas :) It was build your own sandwich night.

Well it's 30 minutes until face off! :) Time to get ready to watch the Pens in the Winter Classic!! YAY! :)

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