Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to say goodbye...

Today was a very long and sad day... Today was the funeral for my cousin Sammy. It was a sudden shock to my family, Sammy was in a car accident and passed away as a result of the accident.

My Mom said it best, "Our dear cousin will be missed. He was such a dynamic personality, and a scamp! He will live on in the many wonderful memories we have."

This is one of my all time favorite family pictures. It was taken during Easter when my Mom was a child and my cousin Sammy is sitting front and center.

We will miss your smiling face Sammy. Rest in Peace.


  1. Love this picture too. Very well put! Thanks for sharing. ~Crissa

  2. Thanks Tree, It's the childen of the family like you, Crissa and Val that have to keep the Zona family going.

  3. What a great picture, thanks for posting this. I know I didn't have the opportunity to see Sammy as much as all of you due to living away. But everytime I thought of him I felt the need to mimic his smile. As we all know Sammy was never without a smile on his face and he will be missed. Leigh