Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nancy B's Magical Cookie

Last night we had our weekly Saturday Magic Night... Yes, I am a little bit of a geek ;) Normal SMN's include ordering pizza, a few beers and playing Magic until the wee hours of the night.

Last night JT brought a dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies from Nancy B's Bakery in Homestead. Let me say this was the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had! And yes, better than my own, for all of you who love my baking...

When JT told us he brought cookies and everyone can have one... one of out buddies said, "What good is one cookie going to do me??" Then he looked into the box....

"Holy $^&%!!!" is all we heard coming for the kitchen...This cookie is a three course meal!! So of course I took a picture, with beer caps as a scale for how big it is. ;)

So if you're down the waterfront, check this place out. This cookie is to die for!

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  1. I thought they were good at first, too... but then I went back, and they totally jipped me on the prices when I tried to order something for an event. The items didn't even arrive on time! Looking around on the net, I've seen this has happened to other people too, unfortunately.

    I'll never go back there again, and I don't miss it!