Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to Burgatory......

Welcome to my first restaurant review :)

Tonight Matt and I went out to dinner with my mom to Burgatory Bar in Waterworks shopping center.

After driving around the plaza we find Burgatory tucked away in a corner, next to Barnes and Nobels and Uncle Sam's Sub Shop.

We walk in and the place is packed! There was a 45 minute wait, so we decided to stay. The hostess took our name and cell phone number... instead of giving us a pager, they text you when your table is ready. I though was pretty cool, because you can walk around and shop if you want. We decided to sit on the bench outside and wait, which is where I snapped the picture to the left.

So we get our text that our table is ready. The hostess made sure we got a booth versus a high top table. My mom and I are a little on the short side ;)

Our waitress comes overs, explains how we can order of the menu or make a custom burger by filling out a check sheet at our table. My mom and I started off with the Carmel Pretzel milk shake... Which is to die for! The perfect blend of salty and sweet... I had to take a picture because it was soooooo good! My cell phone camera is not the best at taking pictures in low lighting.... guess you will have to go and see/taste it for yourselves! ;) Matt ended up with an Arrogant Bastard beer, which happens to be his favorite and this is the first place we have went to that had it on tap. So, he was in heaven ;) Anyone who is into micro brews, Burgatory has a great selection and even a few local brews to choose from too.

For an appetizer we went with Pale Ale Onion Rings with Peppercorn Cream and Chipotle Horseradish
Dipping Sauces. The peppercorn cream was super yummy!

Now on to the burger... I was pretty full by the time our burgers came, but I had to take a few bites!! I ordered a Organic Bison burger with cracked peppercorn rub, Amish Gorgonzola, Bourbon BBQ sauce, Applewood smoked bacon, iceberg lettuce, tomato and red onion on a Brioche bun. The burgers come with a side of warm sweet and russet potato chips and a little pitch fork in the middle of each one >:) Let me tell you, my picture does not do justice for this burger. It is one of the best burgers I have ever had!!

By far Burgatory gets and A+ in my book. The atmosphere, drink and food selection was great! Oh and if you are a vegetarian, Burgatory is vegetarian friendly and have a veggie burger. So, if you live in the Pittsburgh area and are in the Fox Chapel area, stop by Burgatory... you won't regret it! ;)

Oh and of course I had to take a picture of the box my leftovers were in... ;)

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