Monday, May 9, 2011

London Calling....

We had a pretty good dinner tonight and a big one too... London Broil, Sauteed portabello mushroom, sweet potato and a salad... and I'm stuffed!

I seasoned the skins of the sweet potatoes with olive oil and kosher salt... super yummy! The mushrooms I sauteed with a little butter and the London Broil I marienated for 24 hours in Matt's dads secret recipe... Sorry guy, it's a secret but ohhhhhh so good! ;)

I think we've had our fare share of meat the past few meals... Time to get back in the veggie train.... Matt and I tried to eat vegetarian as much as we can... but there are times we crave meat, so we flex...

Well it's getting late and almost my bed time :( G'night all!

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