Monday, July 18, 2011

Floods and Fire Trucks....

This evening has been one hell of an evening! It started with the downpour that happened right before 5pm when I was leaving work. I get a call for my boss, who left work in the middle of the storm, that she was soaked and had to take off she shoes and socks to get to her car. She told me I better leave now because the lake outside of our building came back. Every time we have a downpour our parking lot floods, but today was bad. So my co worker and I left to find lake has devoured the cars in the parking lot. We were both lucky but mine was not good.

So we stood around the water was not just came down too fast for the sewers to handle it. So off came the shoes and socks, rolled up my pants and off into the water I went. The water was about an inch from going inside my car... some people were not so lucky and had water in their car :( The water came up to a little over the middle of my calf, I still got my pants soaked. I was able to start my car and get out of there.

We then went to Matt's grandmas for dinner tonight and it started to rain like crazy again. We're eating dinner and the fire siren starts to go off at the fire station behind her house... It's raining like mad, so we didn't think much of it.... Until we come home to this....
A total of 6 fire trucks and god knows how many police cars. They were letting people back into the building when we got home... I think I building got struck by lightening... by the time we got out of our car everyone was back inside and no one to ask what happened. Usually the building across from ours is the one that get's struck, last year it was hit 4 times.

Well, that was my evening... let's hope it simmers down!

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