Thursday, August 4, 2011

今日は, お元気ですか?

We need to cut down on the meat! It seems like we've been eating alot of it lately.. We were doing good flexing and eating mostly vegetarian, I think we need to get back on that boat... Granted we do crave a steak every now and then... but we try to eat mostly veggie, even though it does not seem like it...

Anyways, tonight we had terikaki steak with sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli and cheddar and chive mash potatoes. I marinated the steak for 24 hours and sauteed the mushrooms in terikaki sauce. I as pretty proud that I didn't cook the steak to death... I'm getting better at leaving a little pink in the middle.

The next time I made portobello steaks I'm going to marinate them in the terikaki sauce... I enjoyed the mushrooms alot more than the steak tonight...

So, you probably wondering what the hell the title of this entry means.... 今日は, お元気ですか???

Hmmm how about Konnichiwa, o genki desu ka?

Ok ok ok... It means Hello, how are you? in Japanese... one of a few phrases I remember from when I took Japanese in high school...


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