Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Butterflies and BBQ Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Over the weekend we had our friends over to play Magic... It's been a while so, Matt and I made Buffalo Chicken Dip and we had everyone else bring something. We had some left over dip and Matt wanted pizza for dinner tonight... so instead of BBQ chicken pizza... we had BBQ Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

I was surprised how good it was. I threw together Bull-eye Carolina BBQ sauce, a little bit of buffalo chicken dip, diced onions and cheddar cheese on a premade crust. Bake it for 10 min and voila!

Also on Saturday I was looking outside at my plants on the balcony and I thought I saw a humming bird in one of my hanging baskets... I get up off the couch to get a closer look and it was a HUGE butterfly... It kept flapping it's wings really fast, which is why I thought it was a humming bird.

I ended up getting a few pics but they didn't come out great on my phone. I've never seen a butterfly so big... A few weeks ago Matt was on the balcony at night and was joking the moth man was out there. We think it may have been a butterfly like this one. You really can't see the color and pattern on it's wings but it was black with orange and blue circles.

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