Sunday, August 21, 2011

Secret Garden Update

My garden is coming along pretty good this year... except for my Roma tomato plant. The plant is HUGE! Almost taller than me but it has blossom rot. I've been giving it calcium by filling up a milk jug when it's done and watering it with that. There are 3 tomatoes that look promising and had just started to turn red today *crosses fingers* I've thrown away about 35-45 tomatoes to date... :( God know what I would of done with all of those tomatoes... I think everyone at work would of been sick of them by now! ;)

The rest of the garden is doing good... The other 2 tomato plants are doing good, Had about 6 tomatoes from the smaller plants... Tons of basil and oregano, also pictured is my strawberry plant to the far left and the patio tomato plant to the right. You can't see the chives as they are hiding behind the basil.

Here is my better boy tomato plant, which got a little bit of a late start, parsley, green onions that I started from a bunch I bought at the grocery store and my Gerbera daisy.

The Romain lettuce I grew was a complete failure. When we had out heat way the plants just bolted. I ended up getting a few baby leaves before I had to chop down the plants :(

Right now I have a second crop of Strawberries growing. This year I've gotten about 5 tiny berries, plus the 2 pictured below.

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  1. wt kind of tomato this one i want to knw cuz my tomato hre still no flower ,