Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mad Mex

It's been a while since I've done a restaurant review and well this one dates back to St. Paddy's day.... The hubby and I recently bought a house and have been pretty busy with moving and now getting unpacked.... So I thought tonight I'd catch up on the blog, while watching the Pens game.

So, back on St. Paddy's day we went to Mad Mex in Monroeville. While looking over the menu we came across this... Honey Boo Boo BBQ wings..... I just love the description!

We didn't get the wings....awwww, I was really craving some ketchup-butter too! I already had my fix of Go Go Juice..... We ended up getting the XX Cheese Dip. Which is Cheddar cheese with Dos Equis, jalapeƱos and tomato.Can't go wrong with that! :)

 We both ended up getting burritos for our entree's which were dressed up for St. Paddy's day. They used green tortillas :)

The hubby ended up getting the Chicken Mole Burrito, which has grilled chicken, black beans and Jack cheese with rich, dark Mexican mole sauce. Cotija cheese roasted on top. 

I got the Dance Marathon Burrito which is filled with spicy spinach, portobellos, grilled chicken, black beans and Jack cheese. I think it is my favorite one I've had so far form there. I normally always try something different when I go out to eat, but this burrito may have changed that for the next time I go there!

And yes, they are some big azz burritos! It was very hard for us to finish them.. I ended up picking out all the chicken and portobellos from mine since I was getting so stuffed!

Mad Mex is one of my fav's in the area and always get's and A++ in my book!

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