Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fire! Fire!

To start this afternoon we had quite an adventure.... I'm in the kitchen mixing everything together for a loaf of Pumpkin Coconut Bread with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Filling while Matt's playing Skyrim... I hear someones smoke detector go off then I hear another alarm sound... What is that is what I first thought.... I open our door into the hall way and it's the fire alarm for our building and our hall way was full of smoke.... I scream at Matt that we need to get out of here, I was panicked... I turn off the oven and our coffee pot...the first pair of shoes I see are my dress shoes, I grab a coat, umbrella and my purse while Matt grabs the keys and his coat and we high tail it to the door.I know I look like a homeless person, since I was relaxing today in my yoga pants with dress shoes on but when you are panicked like that, you'd don't care what you look like!

We get in the hall and our new neighbors ask if it's the fire alarm and they come running out too.. Everyone on our floor made it out and we ran down the stair to the parking lot.. but no one else was coming out?? At this moment I'm thinking the floor we live on is on fire and people are crazy for staying in the building... Granted the alarms ALWAYS go off in the building across from us... but this is the first time in 3 years ours have gone off. 

So we're standing outside and 2 police cars show up and then leave after 5 minutes but the fire alarms are going off for the fire halls around us...? Matt's coworker, who also lives in our building came over to us, since we had an umbrella.. We ended up going into my car since it was cold and raining....Finally after about 10 minutes, it could of been less but seemed that long... 4 fire trucks and 2 ambulances show up... 

About 40 minutes goes by and we get the OK to go back into the building... Alot of people went into the lobby of the building, since they didn't want to go out in the rain... We get back up to our floor and find out that one of the older ladies down the hall from us was cooking pork chops. She told us she decided to lay down on the couch and wait for them to cook but she fell asleep.... She woke up to her apartment full of smoke from her smoke detector going off and ran out and pulled the fire alarm. She was apologizing to us and telling us how embarrassed she was... I told her I was glad that she did wake up and was ok... I was also glad that it was a small fire.. with all of the smoke in the hall I thought someones apartment was fully engulfed... Pretty scary...

So that was our thrill of the day... I ended up baking the bread when we got back in and got dinner ready... We finished up the Thanksgiving leftovers :oP Now it's time to relax and watch the Walking Dead and then either Dexter or the Steelers game.... I somehow think it's going to be the Steelers game ;)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm back in the saddle again....

So it's been a while... but I'm back, using my fianc├ęs computer for now...

 I haven't been cooking much lately... Work was a little crazy for a while and I had a business trip to Chicago... So when I cooked, I cooked a lot... So we've been eating a lot of leftovers and now Thanksgiving leftovers...

So where to start?? How about back before my computer died...

Back in September I met my mom for dinner at the Tarentum Station... While waiting for her a train happened to be passing by the station and I snapped the pic to the right. The food was really good... We both had a fish entree... I had the daily special, which I think was a scrod Romano and risotto as my side.. The risotto was really good! I could of just ate that and I would of been happy. The only draw back is the noise in the restaurant... It is an old train station and open inside but it is hard to hear whoever you are sitting with talk, if they have a full house. Other than that, this place is a  go!

In October Matt's Sister came into town... We hit up a lot of places to eat around here... let's see what I can remember :) The only bad thing about that week, I had a bad col.. Great first impression is what I was thinking... but I survived :)

We spent one day walking around downtown Pittsburgh.... I think I saw more of the city that day than I have ever seen.... We ended up in Market Square to grab a bit to eat at NOLA on the Square for lunch. We wanted to sit outside but it was packed, so we got a table outside. I ended up getting their Brasserie Steak Salad, which was made up of Seasonal Greens, Hanger Steak, tomato, Hard Boiled Egg, Fresh Mozzarella, VooDoo Fries and Vinaigrette. Very good and the fries were really good too.. This is a place Matt and I have on our list to go back to.

That evening we went to Max's Allegheny Tavern... Which was a hit with everyone and always was with Matt and I... We left with full bellies!

Next up was Fuel & Fuddle in Oakland, we took a break from the Carnegie Museum and walked down to grab lunch. We split the baked brie... I'm not a fan of Brie, but this was good.... I had the holy guacamole salad, which was HUGE but also good... I ate about half of it.. it had aeared baja style beef with corn chips, fresh salsa, sweet corn, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses and sour cream over mixed greens with guacamole dressing. 

After lunch we went back to the museum and there is a really neat photo exhibit of Pittsburgh... I think it was my favorite part of the museum... I'm a sucker for local history.

One day for breakfast we hit up the Square Cafe. I've always wanted to go here and failed once due to parking and my lack of skill on parallel parking... I had zucchini fritters with a cucumber salad.. really good... I was also looking forward to having a Red Ribbon Cherry Pop... but they were out of stock :( One of my family members works for this company and I love their pop... I do miss their Chocolate Pop! I loved it when I was growing up.... Anyways, the food at Square Cafe was really good and on our list to go back to... At least now I know you can park on side streets in the area and I don't have to worry about parallel parking on the main street ;)

Well I'm going to stop here for tonight.. I'm getting pretty tired and going to hit the hay soon... I'll pick up tomorrow where I left off ;)


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