Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review Day Tuesday!

So a few weeks back I met my 2 of my cousins for dinner at Bangkok Balcony in Squirrel Hills. Matt and I have not tried Thai food before, so it was an adventure for us. My one cousin and her husband love Thai food, so for our first time trying it, it was nice to have some input from the pros :)

Bangkok Balcony is located off of Forbes Ave and I can't tell you how many times I have walked right on by and didn't notice it...

Pic my hubby took while waiting for my cousins....

My one cousin recommended we try the coconut soup with chicken...For all of the food you can choose your level of spicy... I did a 2, but I think I could of gone higher... The soup was pretty good and I think I would try it with shrimp the next time I get it.

For my main dish, I got Chicken Pineapple Curry... Oh my god was this good! It was chicken mixed with pineapple and green pea in coconut milk and pineapple curry paste... I was pretty full from the soup and also the Thai Ice Tea, which reminded me of a chai tea, so I didn't eat all of my meal.... plus we were talking away catching up with each other....

The hubby got something called Ginger, which was beef stir-fried with fresh ginger, onion, carrot and mushroom in a ginger sauce.

We ended up closing down the balcony and decided we better go before we get the boot! The food there was awesome, very pleased with my first experience with Thai food... only bad part... I left my doggy bag on the table and didn't remember until we were getting in the car :( Oh well, I guess it's an excuse to go back! :) This place has a great atmosphere and is a hidden gem!

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